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Here are some frequently asked questions about bra fitting. Please contact us if you can't find the answer to your specific question: 250-614-1553 or email us at

Q: I think I have narrow shoulders. Is there anything I can do to stop my bra straps from falling off?
A: Try tightening (shorten the length) of your bra straps. This should eliminate the problem. If you have a larger cup size and have small shoulder width you could try out our fabulous shoulder pads made from soft silicone. They will help to distribute pressure
Q: If I tighten my shoulder straps, my bra will ride up in my back and even in the front. I am on the last clasp when closing my bra. What can I do?
A: The problem you are describing tells me that your bra is to big in the band size. 90% of support from a proper fitting bra should come from the band and only 10% from the shoulder strap. In larger cup sizes this percentage is sometimes shifting to a 80/20 relation. Please come in to our store and get measured and fitted into your size.

Elomi Kristie

Q: I was fitted in your store and I bought another bra in this exact size at the department store. How come I have problems with the fit and support of the one I bought at the Department store?
A: Not every brand and style will fit the same. I personally never found a department store bra that was comfortable and supported me right. Department stores are large chains with a buying power of several thousand items per style and size. They often have their own manufacturers with their own ideas about woman's figures and sizes. We buy our bras mostly from European Manufacturers who guarantee the quality and fit. These items have an average of 45 different manufacturing steps involved when produced. That is not the case with a mass produced item. You get what you pay for.
Q: I can't find a bra with wire that will be comfortable. Is a wireless bra my only alternative?
A: No. You can find some terrific wireless bras in our store, but before we give up on a comfortable underwire bra you need to be properly fitted. Sometimes the reason for digging in to the breast tissue is the shape of the bra or the lacking support of the band so the breast is only supported by a mostly unpadded piece of wire. That sounds as bad as it feels. If you are wearing a well fitting bra it should be comfortable for you and you should forget that you are wearing one. We can work on that. Please come in for a consultation.
Prima Donna
Q: I bought 5 bras at your store and I noticed that I had 3 different sizes. Why is that?
A: Not every bra style and brand will fit the same. A seamless T shirt bra with a very light padding will sometimes require a larger cup than a unpadded demi cup. We also found that bras from England in a larger cup and band size are more generously fabricated then French Products. Different styles will accommodate your wardrobe best. Remember, a good foundation leads to a better overall look, posture and feel.
Q: I have a low plunge bra in a 38DD and I am falling out of it. Am I too big to wear something like this?
A: You are not too big to wear a plunge bra, it just should be the right size - your size! Please make an appointment and come for a fitting in our store.
Q: I wear a size 34 D. My band is riding up and my breasts spill out on top. Can I fix this by adjusting/loosening the straps?
A: What you are describing is a poorly fitted bra. If you spill out on top the cup size is not right. You need a deeper cup and by the sounds of your complaint the bandsize should be smaller. We carry band sizes 30 to 48 in A to JJ cupsizes in our store in about 125 different styles. Lets find something fitting for you. Please make an appointment today for a proper fitting.
Q: I am very conscientious about my nipples showing through and lace seems to make it even worse. Thats why I only buy padded bras. Should I stay with this one style?
A: If you wear a properly fitted bra that flatters your special figure you wont have a problem with nipples showing through. The tender breast tissue will react to constant friction of a loose fitting bra. If the bra fits tight and the seam sits across the nipples, it will actually prevent raised nipples and keep everything else supported and not aggravated. Try it out in our store. I am aware that a fresh start can be somewhat of a challenge, but with a positive attitude you might like what you find. Owning different styles of bras makes your wardrobe complete. Only wear what fits you and your life style.
Q: Could you recommend a well fitting sports bra? I am currently measured a 36DDD.
A: We carry the Enell Sports Bra with high impact support in sizes 32D to 44 DDD (endorsed by Oprah). This bra has no wires or cups and closes at the front. Its easy to put on and good for activities like running, horseback riding and any other sport.
Q: How many bras should I own and do you recommend a basic type to get started with.
A: Every women should own about 7 different bras or sets. To get started a minimum of 3 bras is recommended because this way you wont over wear "the only one". Depending on your needs we will recommend what seems to suit you best and accentuates your strengths.
Q: Can I wash my bras in the washer or should I hand wash them.
A: Our brand manufacturers recommend to hand wash your bras ever two wears. Remember you will have these bras for a long time, especially if you do not over wear them and give them a days rest between wearings. Give your bra a break between wearings and wash after the second wear to relax and reestablish the elasticity of the band. Read washing instructions and never dry them in the dryer. You will find out it's so worth the money.
Marie Jo
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